​Procedures in administering examinations at the Division Exams of Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth and Sports
  • The institution desirous of our services, should submit a request to Division Exams attention the head Drs. Y.J.C. Halley no later than one month before the examination date. The request should give information of candidates (amounts, name, address, telephone number), type of exam, date and time of examination. N.B. Our available hours are 8.00 am – 12.00 hours and 13.30 – 16.00 hours. Overseas institutions should take the time differences into consideration and state the exact local time for us.
  • ​The examination and relevant documents should be sent by express mail addressed to our office at Division Exams, Brooks Tower Suite B2& B3 Falcon 7, Harbour View, Philipsburg, Sint Maartenmentioning candidate’s name no later than one week before the examination date. Express service will take about 2 days or diplomatic mail.
  • Depending on the request/agreement the cost involved should be paid in advance by the candidate or the institution. You will receive an invoice from the Division of Examinations. The payment should be deposited on account number 3248003 at Windward Island Bank or at the Receivers Office. When making a payment please indicate on the receipt the type of exam and the period.
We should receive evidence of deposited funds before the examination date.
The costs are:
    • ​Invigilating fee:   NAF. 30,00 per hour to a maximum of NAF. 150,00 (5 hours).​
    • Invigilation fee:   NAF. 60,00 per hour to a maximum of NAF. 300,00 on holidays.
    • Lease of room :    NAF. 100,00 per day. Individuals are charged NAF. 25,00 per hour.
    • DHL/FedEx cost:   Presently NAF. 90,00. (This price is subject to change).\
    • Faxing/Mailing:    NAF. 30,00.
  • The exam taken on Sint Maarten would preferably be at the same time taken in the Netherlands, the exam time has to be established in such a way that the begin time is prior to the end time in the Netherlands.
  • Our examinations division only renders services to institutions which are recognized. Evidence of such should be submitted to us from the first contact.
  • This institution should issue a written summons to the candidate of which we should receive a copy.
  • Exams taken are not accredited by the Division Exams neither by the institution.
Division Exams commits itself to the following:
  • ​Division Exams guarantees the exams will be given strict confidentiality.
  • Division Exams will remind/contact the candidate a month prior to when the exam has to be taken place, unless different arrangements have been made with the institution.
  • Division Exams handles and stores the exams with the utmost care when received. This entails storing the exams in a fault.
  • Division Exams appoint trustworthy invigilators for the duration of the exam.
  • After the exam has taken place a copy of the answer sheets will be made in case something goes wrong with the return post.
  • The exam papers will be sent out by speed mail (DHL/FedEx) for correction within one working day after the exam has taken place.
  • In case of emergency assignments and/or answers can be faxed. This will occur in discretion with the institution and with the necessary care and confidentiality