The vision of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Youth & Sport is:
Be a high performing and dynamic organization, providing strategic leadership, work collaboratively, efficiently and effectively to educate and develop a well-rounded individual and to prepare individuals to become: independent thinking, productive, wholesome, confident, useful and valued members of Society.
To develop reliable and valid tests and exams for the benefit of Education on St. Maarten.
To be acknowledged as a professional, reliable and efficient administrator of all professional and academic examinations
Core tasks
In order to realize the objectives, the Division of Examinations is charged with the following tasks:
  1. Developing, legitimizing and determining valid tests and exams for the benefit of education in the broadest sense;
  2. Developing, legitimizing and determining reliable frameworks for quality control of education in the area of (learning) performance;
  3. Researching and assessing specified tests, exams and instruments of quality control;
  4. Reporting points of special interest for policy and legislation in the area of education, from the perspective of quality control with regard to conclusion and completion;
  5. Producing and distributing exams;
  6. Producing and administering naturalization exams;
  7. Administering examinations for oversees examining bodies.

Responsibilities of the Division Of Examination
  1. ​The local examination authority for primary, secondary and tertiary education.
  2. Acting as the local examination authority for overseas examining bodies.
  3. Acting as the local examination authority for the Naturalization examinations.
  4. Acting as an information center in examination matters for candidates.
  5. Acting as the national authority responsible for the evaluation of all foreign diplomas.