The mission of the Department of Culture is:  

To provide high quality, affordable and accessible social cultural services that respond to the needs of the community of St. Maarten. In relation to its mission statement the department supports  a number of public events to underscore its mission statement.

  • ​National Day of Prayer
  • Treaty of Concordia
  • Carnival
  • Flag Day
  • Emancipation Day
  • St. Maarten’s Day
  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Village
  • Business Outreach and Placement Program
  • Rights of the Child
  • Inter Island Sports Exchange

The Cultural Affairs mandate recognizes that culture plays an essential role in the nation-building process and sustains a diverse community that is socially, economically, and environmentally healthy.
Culture enriches the lives of its residents and fosters civic pride and community identity.

The Integrated Cultural Policy provides a framework for future national development, an articulation of key principles, statement of basic cultural objectives and the priorities that will be used to achieve those objectives. The framework lends itself for administrators to establish policies and programs to ensure that St. Maarten will continue to have a vibrant, active, and rich cultural life.

The vision of St. Maarten and its people is to further strengthen and cultivate the necessary sustainable development that will ensure an atmosphere which enables all citizens to achieve the highest quality of life, by experiencing, practicing and developing artistic, cultural, and environmentally wise activities.

The purpose of St. Maarten and its people is to provide high quality, affordable, and accessible cultural services and activities that respond to the needs of its citizens. The rights of individuals must be balanced with the interests of the community as a whole. 
A sense of partnership, built on the effective participation of all sectors of the community, must be fostered through its citizens, elected representatives, and public servants.  

  1. The high quality of service to St. Maarten and its people must be delivered in the most effective, efficient, and affordable way possible.
  2. Those who provide such services must be accountable to St. Maarten and its people and must base those services on equal access.
  3. There should be excellence in the performance of all activities.


  1. ​To create a cultural policy for all citizens of St. Maarten.
  2. To ensure that the necessary legislation is put into place to protect and to recover the heritage.
  3. To provide the proper management and conservation of St. Maarten’s cultural heritage.
  4. To research, compile, and make accessible the cultural heritage of St. Maarten.
  5. To understand the importance of cultural expression and diversity as essential elements of cultural development.
  6. To ensure the integration of the economic, social, and educational aspects of culture in all governmental policies.