Division for Educational Innovation is a fairly new Department (Oct 2006), that emerged from the establishment of The Innovations Bureau (August 2001) and the BERPPI, Bureau for Educational Research, Policy, Planning and Innovation (2004).

Division for Educational Innovation is charged with the following responsibilities:
  • To initiate and prepare education plans for the educational sector of St. Maarten.
  • To initiate and implement all educational reforms on behalf of St. Maarten, with the main purpose of improving the quality of education in St. Maarten in order to guarantee the success of all children in the educational system of St. Maarten.
  • To provide technical support in the area of student care.
  • To give advice to educational authorities regarding trends and bottle necks.
  • To signal critical factors in the education arena and find solutions to remedy them.
  • To facilitate a closer relationship between education and the labour market.

To facilitate this, the following activities are performed by the Division for Educational Innovation:

  • Development, analysis and evaluation of education policies
  • Supervising, coordinating, stimulating, monitoring and financial management of the innovations in education related to, FBE, Vocational education, Social Formation and Compulsory Education as part of the Program of Education and Youth for St. Maarten 2008 2012.
  • Facilitating the capacity development of its personnel to be able to carry out the tasks ascribed to them.
  • To ensure that there is an effective and efficient implementation of all innovation project, educational projects under its responsibility and other \

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