Objective Inspectorate 
The general objective of the Inspection Division, which is described in the Organizational Act Education, Culture, Youth and Sports (AB 2010, no 6) states:
“The efficient and effective supervision (control and inspection) bear on the implementation of laws and regulations of the policy in the field of education and the promotion of and to ensure that education on St. Maarten is carried out in accordance with internationally recognized standards and regulations.”

2015 main objective Inspectorate
More specifically for the 2015 calendar year the Inspectorate has the following main objective:
“To make the Inspectorate a dynamic, effective and efficient organization that has the quality of education and customer service as its main priorities.

Vision Inspectorate
“To provide for all citizens   and residents, quality strategic leadership in the process of preparing an individual to become an independent, thinking, productive, wholesome, useful and valued member of society through the provision of quality life-long education, training and cultural development, which will enable individuals to develop and achieve their full potential, so that they can make meaningful contributions to National Development of this country.”

Mission Inspectorate
The  mission is to execute the vision as previously described by providing and ensuring the implementation of effective and efficient systems and policies which promote and secure equal opportunities and access to quality education, recreation, social, cultural and physical development for all the people of St. Maarten.

The Core Values of the Ministry of Education Culture Youth & Sport Affairs are as follows: 
  • Service/client-orientation; 
  • Quality;
  • Reliability;
  • Continuous improvement. 

Core tasks Inspectorate 
The core tasks of the Inspectorate are as follows:
  • To effectively and efficiently monitor the execution of the education laws and policies;
  • To promote and monitor the implementation of internationally recognized norms and rules pertaining to education on St. Maarten;
  • To effectively and efficiently monitor the execution of the laws, rules and policies related to culture, youth & sports affairs;
  • To promote and monitor the implementation of internationally recognized norms and rules pertaining to youth care on St. Maarten;
  • To promote and monitor the implementation of internationally recognized norms and rules pertaining to sports on St. Maarten;
  • To promote and monitor the preservation and restoration of culture on St. Maarten based on internationally recognized norms and rules.
​To facilitate this, the following activities are performed by the Inspectorate:
  • Supervising, stimulating, monitoring and participating in school related activities;
  • Supervising, stimulating and monitoring the implementation of Compulsory Education;
  • Supervising, stimulating and monitoring the national & international laws and rules pertaining to nationally organized culture, youth & sports activities;
  • Facilitating the capacity development of all personnel to be better able to carry out the tasks assigned to them;
  • Conducting research in the field of education.

Regular tasks and activities
  • State of Education report;
  • Compulsory Education report;
  • Report on the physical state of schools; 
  • Conducting research on the qualifications of teachers;
  • Quality evaluations such as curriculum and teaching techniques; 
  • Supervision of examinations;
  • Observance of the articles of the law related to timetable deviation, admittance procedures, permanent removal of students;
  • Review the principles & organization of schools, year programs, yearly reports and year plans;
  • Consultations with: School boards & school management, Inspectorates in the Netherlands, Curacao & Aruba;
  • Conducting research- advising on & monitoring home schooling programs/students;
  • Compiling an updated list containing the names of 4-18 year olds not registered at the Civil Registry , however enrolled in government subsidized schools
  • Development of “new” templates by the Inspectors and Head Inspectors;
  • Close monitoring of the Charlotte Brookson Academy (CBA) experimental school;
  • Close monitoring of the St. Maarten Academy PSVE school; 
  • Promote safe school communities and promote inclusion (in collaboration with Community Police Officers, specifically focusing on cases in schools);
  • Produce data needed for institutions such as UNESCO & OCW;
  • Calculating the financial gratuity for teachers and subsidy for schools;*
  • Preparing of payments for bus owners providing transportation for school children.*

* Tasks and activities that are executed by the Inspectorate ECYS even though these tasks and activities do not fall within the responsibilities of the organization (See Organizational Act AB 2010, no 6). It must be mentioned that these activities will be removed from the Inspectorate’s list of duties in the course of the 2015 calendar year. 

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