1. Q: Do financial institutions (FI's) receive proof that their data has been received?
    A: Yes, this proof is provided in a processing report.

2. Q:How can FI's prove that they have been contacted by CRS?
    A: By creating an account in the MDES, an FI is registered with the Tax Administration for CRS. The processing report generated when providing data can serve as proof that data has been supplied for CRS.

3. Q: Who is the regulator of CRS compliance?
    A: The Tax Administration.

4. Q: How far back can an MCAA country go back in time in terms of requesting information?
    A: It can differ per country. An average of 7 years is assumed.

5. Q: Do FI's have a 10-year data retention obligation based on the national ordinance pertaining to CRS?
    A: It is not specifically written in the national ordinance that pertains to CRS, but FI's must take into account a 10-year retention obligation on the basis of the existing national laws and regulations.

6. Q: Who will be the contact persons at Tax Administration Sint Maarten​?
    A: All contact with Tax Administration Sint Maarten is initially via email​​ CRSSintmaarten@sintmaartengov.org

7.  Q: Where can I find more information about CRS? 

     A: As a financial institution, it is very important that you are well informed. More information about the CRS can be found on the CRS page and on the OECD site. http://www.oecd.org/tax/automatic-exchange/common-reporting-standard/CRS-related-FAQs.pdf​