1. Q: Until when can financial institutions (FIs) upload data in MDES this year?
    A: From September 5 until September 16, 2022.

2. Q: Is there a time limit between registering and activating the account in MDES?
    A: Yes, the account of the FI that has been created must be activated by the FI within 24 hours.

3. Q:How many "users" can register FIs per account?
    A: One "user" can be registered per account.

4. Q: Is there an automatic time limit for the "user" who is processing data in  MDES?
    A: Yes, 15 minutes. In the meantime, data can be saved.

5. Q: Are there costs associated with the CRS process?
    A: Not creating the account, FI's may have to incur costs internally to generate their XML file.

6. Q: Do I have to register or do I have to create an account if I only have local account holders?
    A: No, you do not need to register, but as FI you can be included in an audit performed by the Tax Administration.