1. To execute and manage an efficient, effective, accurate and client friendly Financial and Salary administration together with all other accompanying activities. 
2. Strict monitoring, implementation and adherence of the “CLV” by all Government Departments. 

As of November 1st, 2011, the Accounting Department hired a full time Department Head. Since then this department can speak of moderate progress in relation to the legal tasks that they must perform. Based on reports with recommendations on the financial management from both the SOAB and the General Audit Chamber, the Accounting department has made some important decisions in order to improve the overall financial management of Country Sint Maarten. 

The Accounting Department is busy with the following projects:

Implementation of Multiannual Plan of action to improve financial management Country St. Maarten – this has been ratified and approved by the Council of Ministers and supported by both the SOAB and the General Audit Chamber. 
Implementation of an integrated financial software program: Dynamics AX. 
Implementation of "Procure to Pay” – this is ratified and approved by Council of Ministers.
Implementation “Order to Cash”.

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