Our tasks:
Fiscal tasks - charging of duties at importation of unleaded gasoline which is governed by legal, political, economic and policy rules.

Non-Fiscal tasks - this includes the law enforcement aspect with regards to the smuggling of drugs, weapons and protected species as well as the combating of money laundering and terrorist financing at the border.

Core Tasks:
  • Control, levy and collection of duties of unleaded gasoline at importation
  • Monitor the import, export and transit of goods including but not limited to: Legal and illegal drugs, weapons, firearms and ammo, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of wild Fauna and Flora).
  • Control and audits of import and export companies
  • Enforcement of relevant legislation in the field of economy, health, environment, safety and finances.
  • Protect the quality of life (health, safety, economy, flora and fauna, culture etc.
  • Monitor the international transportation of currency or money instruments.
  • Ensure that all legal requirements are fulfilled by import, export and transit of goods. 
  • Risk analysis
  • Inspection of parcels
  • Control on small vessels with fruit, fish etc.
  • Control of harbor of Philipsburg, Yacht-basins, fishing ports.
  • Information gathering on ships, airplanes including ship registers.
  • Detecting and investigating crimes and violations at the borders of Sint Maarten.
  • Visitation of all kinds of ships, boats and vessels.
  • Control and investigate incoming and outgoing flights, passengers, luggage, cargo and aircrafts.
  • Combating transnational crimes.
  • Enhance border security.
  • Work closely with local and international partners to ensure quality of life for the people of Sint Maarten and its visitors.
  • Provide information for the compilation of (trade) statistics.
  • Provide information to the Minister of Justice or government entities for the benefit of national policies and international cooperation.