To lead the way as far as making high-quality products (such as transaction information, the financial analyses and expertise based on this information) available to the relevant partners in the chain in a timely fashion, with a view to the national and international fight against crime, particularly money laundering and terrorist financing.
In so doing, FIU-Sint Maarten will make a substantial contribution to guaranteeing the integrity of the financial world, the public trust in the businesses and institutions which provide the financial services and public safety.


FIU-Sint Maarten, on the grounds of its statutory responsibilities, makes a substantial contribution to securing the integrity of the financial world, to the public’s trust in the companies and institutions that provide that financial service and the public safety. For the execution of this statutory responsibility, effective measures are taken that do justice to the specific features of the islands (proportionality) while at the same time, can bear the test of the FATF recommendations.