The Immigration and Border Protection Services (IBPS) is a Department within the Ministry of Justice and is two-part organization, the Administrative Department and the Investigative Arm.

Administrative Department

The Administrative Department is tasked with:

  • The Legal Admission of Residency for persons that desire to live Sint Maarten,
  • Carrying out lawful admission as it relates to the admissions policy and the National Ordinance on Admissions & Expulsions.
  • The implementation of the naturalization policy based on the Dutch Nationality Law
  • The implementation of the visa policy and their coordination with the Kingdom Partners
  • The responsibility of the legal representation of the Minister of Justice in administrative proceedings

Investigative Arm

The Investigative Arm is tasked with:

  • The enforcement of the National Ordinance on Admissions and expulsions (L.T.U) at the border
  • The Controlling of persons/passengers/documents at and around all border control posts.
  • The refusal of entry to persons who do not meet the requirements to enter the Country.
  • The Controlling of the legal status of persons within the country
  • Deportation of Illegal Immigrants.

To Contact the department of Immigration and Border Protection Services (IBPS):
+1721 54 30353
+1721 54 30354