All tourist visiting the island of St. Maarten are allowed a maximum stay of 30 days. Dutch nationals and American nationals are allowed a stay of 6 months. Nationals of Canada, the European Union, Australia, New Zealand and Japan are allowed a stay of 3 months.

All tourist who wish to stay longer than the max time granted can request an Extension of Stay (example; Pleasure, Work or Medical). Extension possibilities may differ for visa- required travelers.


To apply for an Extension of Stay requirements;

·         A copy of the applicants passport (Bio page and pages showing the St. Maarten in/out stamps)

·         A copy of the visa sticker-page (if applicable)

·         A copy of Original plane ticket

·         A pay slip or Bank statement (if applicable)

·         A written statement which explains;

 -The reason for the extension (attach proof if applicable)

 -Why the stay would be temporary

 -If there would be any effect on visitor(s) employment or residency in their home country

·         A copy of Guarantor’s passport and residency permit (if applicable)

·         A pay slip, job letter or bank statement of Guarantor (if applicable)

·         A registration form of Guarantor (if applicable)


Extensions of stay can be approved or denied.

If the application has been approved a fee of 90 guilders is due upon request. Applicant(s) are also required to obtain a medical insurance for the duration of their stay.

However, if application is denied, visitor(s) are required to leave within the 30 days of their arrival date.

To apply or if you may have any questions concerning Extension feel free to come to our office on the A Th. Illidge #8, Philipsburg, or call 543-0355/ 5430356.

Please find here additional documents which can be downloaded and printed at your own discretion;