Public safety, law and order are some of the essential principles that govern societies around the world. At the Ministry of Justice we believe that each and every interconnected agency, organization and process holds invaluable responsibilities to furthering the overall progress of St. Maarten and its people.           

The Cabinet is tasked with providing policy advice and support to the Minister of Justice. It also advises the Minister on, and handles, politically-sensitive matters.

The Secretary General reports to the Minister for the daily supervision and control of the departments within the Ministry.

The Staff Bureau supports the Secretary General and provides services to the various departments including financial policy control and human resource and organizational regulation.

The Judicial Affairs Department is responsible for a number of tasks including the;
  • ​formulation of policy
  • execution and review of policy as it regards to the internal ministerial environment
  • inspection of the quality of law enforcement and judicial complaints
  • preparation and implementation of laws governing the rights of citizens within society and legal procedures

The Ministry plays an integral role in the upholding of justice on St. Maarten. Formerly these responsibilities were managed by the Federal Government on Curacao. Post 10-10-10 our approach is based on a collaborative model to ensure a unified direction within the justice sector. The Ministry is directly responsible for the following agencies:

The following semi-private/ autonomous organizations also function within the Justice sector and report to the Minister of Justice:
  • ​Coast Guard
  • Court of Guardianship
  • Judicial Facilities Foundation (Probation & Family Supervision)
  • Youth Correctional Foundation

To create the conditions necessary for maintaining security, order and peace and ensuring the rights within the community of St. Maarten.

A justice system that exemplifies  fairness, integrity, law and order enabling a safer and more progressive St. Maarten.

The Ministry of Justice serves as one of the most integral divisions of the St. Maarten government, its constitution and its citizenry. It is our mandate to develop, adopt (codification) and revise the civil, criminal, administrative and commercial laws and procedures  regarding;
  • ​immigration matters including admission and expulsion
  • youth criminality
  • the maintenance of public order
  • crime control and prevention
  • the detention care, prisons, detention and release as well as pardon, amnesty or general pardon
  • policing and border control system
  • the courts, the judiciary and prosecutors