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​Minist​er of Justice Dennis L. Richardson

Personal particulars
Last name :   Richardson
First name :   Dennis L.
Place of birth :   Aruba
Civil status      :   N/A


Contact Information: 
Office nr.  :  N/A
E-mail Address : N/A    ​

Education and Career Summary

Mr. Richardson attended high school in St. Maarten at MULO-A level. In 1962 he traveled to Holland to further his studies at the “Bestuurs Academie”where he studied Gemeente Adminstatie I and II (the equivalent of Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Public Administration).
He acquired a Masters degree in Business Administration and in Business Information Technology a joint program of the Erasmus University in Rotterdam and the University of Michigan’s Business School in the USA.

Career in the Netherlands.
While still in Holland, Mr. Richardson worked in Zandvoort and Haarlem training in the various departments of Government. Subsequently he worked for the Province of North Holland , as a member of the ​managing team for the provincial service of Physical Planning & Rural Areas. Later he became the director of the Bureau of Coordination for the Development of six new towns in the Northern Part of the Randstad.
During his tenure in the Netherlands Mr. Richardson achieved 32 years of experience in government administration.

In 1994, while still in Holland, Mr. Richardson was appointed Governor of St. Maarten. 
In 1994, St. Maarten was under higher supervision of the Kingdom. Because of this 
Mr. Richardson was assigned specific tasks which he had to accomplish for higher supervision to be lifted.
To that end he had to see to it that the level, standards and quality of good governance on St. Maarten was sufficiently improved. Some things that were achieved to reach this goal were:

  • ​the establishing of several island ordinances (on medical aid, financial aid, scholarships) to combat arbitrariness
  • improvement of the financial management of the island government
  • reorganization of the government apparatus
  • the introduction of a comprehensive multi annual development plan  for the island.
The established targets were achieved and resulted in the de facto lifting of higher supervision.

He was confronted during his tenure with many hurricanes, amongst others the infamous hurricanes Luis (at the beginning of his governorship) and Lenny (at the end). These disasters were used to create opportunities and resulted in amongst others housing projects (Belevedere and emergency homes), building and reconstruction of schools, improvement of infrastructure (roads, harbor, airport) and in the execution of plans and promotion activities for the recovery of the tourist market. 
St. Maarten recovered quickly; she was back in the market faster than any other Caribbean Island that was affected by the hurricanes.

Furthermore he played an active role in resolving issues that threatened to prevent and/or seriously delay the construction of a new airport and a new harbor.

Managing Director of Telem N.V., Telcel N.V. & Telnet N.V.
In 2002 he was appointed as interim managing director of Telem, Telcel and Telnet charged with taking corrective measures for a number of situations within the companies. Most of these targets were achieved within the 4 year period of his directorship.

Program Director Constitutional Reform St. Maarten.
 He was program director for the Constitutional Reform of St. Maarten from an island territory to a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. As such he has coordinated the processes for the development of a strategic policy, the new government organization, the constitution and organic laws, the initiating of multi annual budgets all for the country St. Maarten.
He was also the lead negotiator for St. Maarten on the technical level for justice and constitutional affairs, the dismantling of the Netherlands Antilles and co-lead on the measures for sound financial management.

B.E.S.T. Mangement & Consultancy
 Mr. Richardson is since 2000 director and owner of the company mentioned above.

Council of Advice (Raad van Advies) St. Maarten
Since 10-10-10 St. Maarten has several High Councils of State, amongst others a Council of Advice, charged with an advisory role on legislation and any important matters of state.
Mr. Richardson was appointed member of the Council of Advice.

Kingdom Council of State (Raad van State van het Koninkrijk)
The Kingdom government appointed Mr. Richardson in 2011 as a member of the Kingdom Council of State. As such he is also an extra ordinary member of the Council of Advice of St. Maarten.

Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten.
 As of June 14th 2013 Mr. Richardson was appointed Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten.​​​​​