The Prison and House of Detention Point Blanche, located at Mountaindove road # 48 in Point Blanche is an institution for confinement of persons who have been remanded (held) in custody by a judicial authority or who have been deprived of their liberty following conviction for a crime.

The Mission Statement
Our mission statement is to guarantee Compliant, Safe, Humane and Individualized execution of custodial sentences and measures for those entrusted to our care with a view to optimal return to society. Our mission statement determines our direction and focusses on our future goals. It alligns with our strategic plans, current projects and objectives.

Our Mission:
To manage offenders in a safe, secure and humane environment and provide opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration in society.
Contribute to a safe, efficient and humane detention climate for both inmates and personnel.

Our Vision:
To contribute to a safer St Maarten community by protecting the public and reducing reoffending

Our Objectives Aligns With The Following Outcomes
  • Improved Public Protection and aid in crime prevention
  • Accountable, sustainable and cost effective operation of the institution
  • Adhering to the dictates of the Court and to reduce re-offending
  • Fostering a Skilled, Professional, Resilient and Valued workforce
  • Improved opportunities for rehabilitation and reintegration ; ensuring a tailor made and structured reintegration program ; provide training and programs to address inmates needs, and provide productive use- of time activities.
  • The successful reintegration of inmates into society, consistent with community expectations and standards.
  • Maintaining the institution in operationally sound conditions in compliance with security, safety and environmental requirements ; Safe, Health and Wellbeing in the workplace.

Our Stakeholders

The Institution recognizes the vital contribution that stakeholders play in achieving our organization goals and outcome.Our goal is to continue to forge strong partnerships and work collaboratively with our stakeholders to achieve a Safer St Maarten community

  • The Community of Sint Maarten
  • The Government of Sint Maarten
  • The Courthouse
  • The Court of Guardianship
  • The Criminal Lawyers
  • The Public prosecutor’s office
  • The Commission of Supervision
  • The Family of the inmates
  • Immigration and Border Protection Service
  • The Parole Board
  • The Police Force
  • The Progress Committee
  • The Law Enforcement Council
  • The Miss Lalie Youth Correctional Centre
  • The Probation department
  • The Supervisory Committee
  • Various Consulates

Contact Us

Mountaindoove Road #48
Point Blanche, Sint Maarten

Tel: +1721 543-0280
Fax: +1721 543- 0282