The Police Force of Sint Maarten provides safety for the community and visiting tourists on the Dutch side of the island. The Police Force is vigilant and committed to serve and protect all, in a decisive and professional manner.

Our Mission:

The Police Force will contribute and uphold the safety and quality of life for the citizens of Sint Maarten and her tourists. The KPSM employee is: “Vigilant and of Service; Decisive en professional”.

KPSM will develop herself to be a self-supporting and professional Police Force, able to act on a high level upon all the sections of the policework.

Our Vision:

Our Police Officers are: Vigilant and service oriented, Decisive and professional, Incorruptible and righteous.

The Police Force addresses local safety concerns with an integrated public safety approach; coordinated with other partners within the justice chain. Visibility and approachability improve the sense of safety in our neighborhoods.


The Uniform Division (Surveillance) is responsible for maintaining public order, safety and the quality of life on Sint Maarten.

Many police officers (both male and female) provide the community with the daily Basic Police Service. In addition to daily surveillance and controls, we assist where needed, directed and supervised by the central dispatch when emergency calls come in on 911.

For the executive support of the General Division there are various departments that serve the community

For More Information On
Around School Buses
Cruise Season
Domestic Violence
Prevent Burglary
Scooter Controls
Prevent Vehicle Theft

Special Operation

The Special Operations group comprises personnel with highly specialized training, expertise, and equipment to support other units involved in operations. Special Operation members receive rigorous training and are often cross-trained in multiple disciplines in order to ensure that officers are prepared for all situations they encounter.

There are various departments that serve the community: Alpha Team, Human Trafficking and Smuggling, Justice K9 Unit, SWAT Team, Interpol.

Contact us:

Headquarters Police E.C. Richardson Street, Philipsburg

Police Station Simpson Bay Simpson Bay Road, next to Drawbridge

For Emergencies: 911
Regular Service: +1-721-542-2222