In most cases, the law requires that setting up a business on Sint Maarten requires that one has a license to do so. This is stipulated in the Business Establishment Ordinance (Vestigingsregeling voor bedrijven), which regulates the issuance of the following economic licenses which can be requested from thr Department of Economic Licenses (DEL): click here to go to the ordinance [LC1] 


- Business licenses issued to Limited Liability companies (N.V.) and Private Liability companies (B.V.) and Sole Proprietors (eenmanszaak);

- Branch Licenses, both local as well as foreign (mother company can be established on Sint Maarten or

  Abroad: and,

- Amendments of:

        a) the purpose

        b) the address of the business

        c) the address of the director

        d) the address of the branch

        e) the name of the business (not commercial name, but the name of the NV or BV)

        f) the name of the director


Based on the above-mentioned ordinance, the following can also be requested from the department of Economic Licenses:

- Director licenses

- Authentic copies of an existing business licenses

- Cancellations of the following licenses:

        a) The business (NV/BV or Sole proprietor)

        b) The director(s)

        c) The branch

Are you a Limited Liability company (N.V.), a Private Liability company (B.V.) or Sole Proprietor (eenmanszaak)? Did your company recently appoint a director, or do you want to appoint a new director? If the answer is yes, then you will have to apply for a business or director license, or a business and director license. Once the application has met all requirements, you will receive a payment letter from the Department of Economic Licenses to pay the processing fee of NAfl. 150.00 online or at the Receiver’s Office. 


Business + Director license​