License type Application form Associated fees
Business License
Limited Liability Company (NV)​ Naf 1.550,-
​Private Liability Company (BV) Naf 1.550,-
Sole Proprietorship
​Naturalized Dutch Naf 312,50
With permanent residence permit​ Naf 312,50
Regist​ered on Sint Maarten for 10 years or more​ Naf 312,50
Born in Holland with Dutch Nationality​ Naf 312,50
Director’s License
With local residency and sole Director Naf 312,50
With local residency, but multiple Directors in company​​ Naf 625,- (per Director)
Residing abroad (Non-resident)​ Naf 1.250,-
Branch License
Branch License​ Naf 1.250,-
The Purpose​ Naf 312,50
The Address of the Business​ Naf 312,50
The Address of the Director​ Naf 312,50
The Address of the Branch​ Naf 312,50
The Name of the Business (NV or BV)​ Naf 312,50
The Cancellation of a Director​ Naf 312,50
*A one-time processing fee of Naf 150 applies for all requests related to Business, Director and Branch licenses.

* The fees associated with the amendments of the afore-mentioned licenses are non-recurring (one-time fees).