Welcome to the information pages of the Department of Economic Licenses (DEL) within the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Traffic & Telecommunication (TEATT).

In its service to the public, the Department of Economic Licenses (DEL) is primarily tasked with offering support in the execution of economic regulations, ensuring that license applications and requests for permission are issued without delay, and to ensure that the economic laws and regulations are correctly applied.

To establish a business in Sint Maarten one will need to have a Business license.

You can apply for a business, director, or amendment (to business or director) license at DEL from the comfort of your home via this link DEL online license application after you have created an e-government account. Alternatively, you can apply for these licenses by visiting our department at Window B of the Government Administration Building after you have made your appointment via this link DEL appointments​.

In some cases, businesses may need an additional license from the Minister of TEATT before they can start their business activities. To name a few, businesses that require an additional license are food & beverage establishments, watersports businesses, wholesale businesses, vendors of medicines and health related products, hotels, guesthouses, etc.

We are working diligently behind the scenes on improving our services to you, which includes expanding our online services so that these additional license types will also be added to the online application platform for your convenience. Until then, you can apply for these license types by visiting Window B at the Government Administration Building.

To view a list of all the economic licenses that are processed by DEL, click here​.

To view a list of requirements per license type when applying for a license click on the following link: requirements list​

Finally, it is important to know that aside from an economic license from the Ministry of TEATT, a business may also be required to have a license/permit from other ministries and comply with the regulations as stipulated by other ministries. Therefore, being granted and issued a license from the Ministry of TEATT does not automatically imply that all other licenses required for your business are also approved.