This section is responsible for three main functions - Control and Inspection.

Traffic Controls

The controls occur primarily in the transportation sector, while regular controls are also carried out in the economical sector such as bars and restaurants. Traffic controls focus on whether the driver has proper documentation in order to operate a vehicle or use the vehicle on the public roads. Typically the traffic controls focuses on the adherence to the Island Traffic Ordinance. The new Island Traffic Ordinance includes the following changes that were implemented on August 1, 2007:
Mandatory wearing of seat belts while driving a vehicle on the public roads;
Children younger than four years have to be seated in a child restraining car chair;
The non use of cell phones while operating a vehicle on the public roads.
These are just a few of the important changes.

Economic Controls

The economical controls are focused primarily on bars and/or restaurants that pollute the air with noise (noise pollution). In other words establishments that produce so much noise that it becomes disturbing to the neighborhood/community. During such controls the controllers may also examine other permits relating to the establishment.

Traffic and Transportation Inspections

The members of this section are all certified “Special Police Officers” and can therefore carry out visible and physical inspection on vehicles operating the public roads. The can issue traffic fines to violators and can also go to the extent of removing a violators vehicle from the public roads.