Setting an Appointment for Driving Exams 

The application process for persons applying for a Sint Maarten driver’s license begins by making an appointment to reserve an exam date for the theoretical driving exam at the Civil Registry Department within the government building on Pond Island. Prior to making an appointment the applicant should ensure that he or she meets the following requirements: 
- Has a valid Sint Maarten ID card or valid passport. 
- A resident permit (if applicable)
- Be eighteen (18) years old 
- Have a medical declaration no older than two (2) months 
- A fee of NAFL 400 (Payment can be made in cash or maestro at the appointment) 

Once the applicant has been able to reserve a date he or she will be given an appointment sheet by the civil registry indicating the time and date of the appointment. The theoretical exam will take place at the Inspectorate of TEATT located on the Juancho Yrausquin Boulevard # 6, Philipsburg. 
For persons who are adding another category to their existing license are exempted from the theoretical exam and will only have to do the practical exam at the John Larmonie Center located on Long Wall Road (next to the Sports Auditorium). The appointment date and time will be sent to the applicants email. 

Theoretical Exam Day 

Theoretical exams take place at the Inspectorate TEATT department on Juancho Yrausquin Boulevard # 6, Philipsburg.  On the day of the exam the applicant should ensure that he or she has the following before arriving to the department: 
- Have his or her appointment sheet and valid Identification
- Adhering to government dress code (STRICTLY ENFORCED) 
o Shirts (no tank tops, no jersey tops, nor spaghetti straps), 
o Pants (no sagging pants, no short pants nor short skirts),
o Dresses (no sun dresses nor tight fitted dresses), 
o Footwear (no slippers, no flip-flops nor sandals) 
o Eyewear (no sunglasses).

Practical Exam Day

Practical exams take place at the John Larmonie Center located on Long Wall Road (next to the Sports Auditorium). Each candidate must present a motor vehicle in corresponding with the requested category driving license he/she wishes to obtain. The candidate is sole responsible for the motor vehicle and has to ensure that any presented motor vehicle: 
- Has valid documentation (Inspection card, detailed vehicle insurance policy and a receipt of the current year’s number plate payment (Road Tax) which will be verified by the administrator or examiner before the exam commences.) 
- The motor vehicle is in properly functional in accordance with the stipulated laws, regulations and procedures. 
- The motor vehicle is clean; exterior and the interior.
o Vehicles which are clearly/noticeably unhygienic will be denied as a suitable motor vehicle, the exam will have to be rescheduled and the candidate will be given a warning which will be noted. 
- With the exception for Category A, the motor vehicle presented must be capable of seating the candidate along with two (2) examiners comfortably.  

Punctuality and absenteeism 

Please arrive to the department fifteen (15) minutes prior to your appointment time. For persons who wish to cancel or reschedule his or her appointment date must do so twenty-four (24) hours in advance via phone. Persons who fail to reschedule, cancel or arrive ten (10) minutes late to the appointment without prior notice will lose one (1) of the two (2) exam opportunities. 

Exam Committee 

The Members of the Exam Committee hold the right to cancel or revoke an exam under strong suspicions that the candidate has provided false or knowingly incorrect information in order to sit a driving license exam. 
The committee will inform the authorities of their suspicion of the unlawful act.