Section Driving ExamExams 

Is the theoretical examexam a written exam, a verbal exam or computerized exams?
The Department of Inspection TEATT only accommodates computerized theoretical examexam.

I am not computer literate, is there any other option for me?
The theoretical exams are offered both with a keyboard and mouse (for traditional computer users) as well as with a touch screen. If you are familiar with using the touch screen on a smartphone the experience will be similar.  There is also the possibility to select an extended time (45 minutes) in the computerized theoretical examexam.

How many questions are given per examexam?
Each examexam is thirty (30) questions.

What are the questions based on?
All the questions in the question bank have a legal basis in the Traffic Ordinance or other relevant laws.

Will the examexam be multiple choices?
Yes, the exam has three (3) types of questions:
1. Multiple-choice question with 2 or more answers, of which only one answer is
correct or the most complete.
2. Yes or No type questions
3. Open ended question, which you must answer by typing figures, like:
 123 or 231 or 30 or 50 etc.

Does the examexam have a time limit?
Yes. The standard alloted time time for answering the questions is 30 minutes, but each candidate can choose an extended time of 45 minutes at the beginning of their exam. Only the alloted exam time will change but the number of questions asked will remain 30.

Will I be able to browse all questions before answering?
No, however those questions that you find difficult to answer you can select the button, “Difficult answer  later” and they will be presented to you again before the end of the exam to answer as long as the allotted exam time has not expired. 
How do I proceed to the next question?
On the screen, every question comes with the following options:
Skip: These questions are label as wrong and cannot be retrieve,
Difficult answer later: These questions will appear before the exam ends
Next: To continue to the next question.

How many correct answers do I need in order to pass the exam?
The pass mark for the exam is 25 correct out of 30 questions.

How will I know if I pass?
You will be shown the results immediately on the screen after the exam is completed for 30 seconds.
In addition, a results sheet is automatically emailed to you with the test results and your overall score per topic.

Will I be able to see my errors?
Yes, all incorrect or not answered questions will be displayed at the end of the  of the exam for 30 seconds

What  information do I need to access the system?
To login to the system you will need to enter the following information mandatory:
o Your correct full name.
o An email address.

Can I use a digital copy of my appointment sheet?
Yes, but the Sint Maarten issued identification card (I.D.) must be original.