A dynamic, safe, healthy and disciplined society that delivers an acceptable quality of life and is a source of national pride for all, with tourism as the primary conscious choice for managed growth and social development in a fair, balanced and transparent manner.

The people of St. Maarten will consistently exceed the expectations of our guests and will nurture and maintain the natural and cultural heritage of the island

Core Tasks
  • Sustained Marketing efforts to promote tourism and mitigate seasonality
  • Stimulate service training and enhance skills geared at  a sustainable tourism product
  • Improve collection and management of statistical data and information for more sustainable and targeted marketing and better development of tourism policy.
  • Develop and execute a comprehensive publicity campaign towards education and awareness to public to complement policy changes. 


  • Exploit Growth potential by optimizing revenue from capacity resources without exacerbating strain on existing infrastructure.
  • Counter downward trend due to economic financial crisis
  • Repositioning SXM in North America
  • Developing the Dutch Market
  • Further developing and positioning in Brazilian Market
  • Developing Caribbean Market
  • Maintaining scheduled and airlift in general from all markets

Market Research
  • Implementing Tourism Statistical & Information System

Product Development
  • Tourism Development/Improvement
  • Tourism Awareness
  • Hospitality Training

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Philipsburg, St.Maarten

Phone: +1721-549-0200 / +1721-542-2337
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