The Department of Infrastructure Management is responsible for proactively managing and maintaining the public areas and infrastructure in order to provision sustainable spatial surroundings in the interest of the public of St. Maarten.​

Services and responsibilities of the Department of Insfrastructure consist of management and maintenance of public infrastructure including:

  •     Garbage collection management;
  •     Sanitary landfill management;
  •     Maintenance of public areas;
  •     Districts, roads, beaches, upkeep management;
  •     Management public lighting (streets);
  •     Public parking areas;
  •     Surface drainage works (trenches);
  •     Water management (ponds);
  •     Support in upkeep of public buildings;
  •     Provide advice regarding private initiatives on public areas;
  •     Part of disaster response team for logistical support
  •     Public cemetery management;
  •     Advising on Billboards permits of 3rd parties to the Police for permit approval;
  •     Advising on all permits related to public domain and roads;
  •         Management of sewage facilities and network;
  •     Management  of road network (road paving, road furniture: guard rails, traffic and road signs, etc.).


The vision of the Infrastructure Management Department is primary care for preventive and regular maintenance by functioning as a supervisory body and executing quality controls on the realization of maintenance programs and projects of the government.

The mission of the Infrastructure Management Department is the organization and proactive management of the public areas in order to safeguard the quality of the living environment for the public of St. Maarten.

Organizational objectives:

  • To care for new buildings, renovation and maintenance of buildings and installations of the country;
  • To care for the adequate collection of waste both liquid and solid and the processing thereof;
  • To care for an optimal management of roads, civil works, water ways, public greenery (parks), sewage- and water purification installations;
  • To promote the maintenance of the physical infrastructure and the related facilities.

Main tasks:

  • ​To care for the management of properties and  buildings of the country.
  • The execution of maintenance to buildings of the country.
  • To ensure the maintenance of civil technical works, public cemeteries, public (green) areas and street- and traffic furnishings and street lighting;
  • To ensure environmental management, among other means through the collection and processing of waste and wastewater, and the management of surface waters.​