The Ministry Organization:

The areas that make up the responsibility of the Ministry of VROMI are aimed at supporting a sustainable spatial development, a well preserved environment and a good quality of life for the citizens of Sint Maarten.

Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and Infrastructure mainly refer to activities including but not limited to the management of our natural resources and environment and the development and management of a robust public infrastructure and public spaces.

This is to be achieved through effective:

  • Advising on policy in the area of public housing, spatial planning, environment and infrastructure,
  • Planning and realization of public works and buildings,
  • Management of the public infrastructure, spaces, land and other resources,
  • Permits issuance and enforcement in spatial development and environment.
  • Management of the real property of the government

The Ministry of VROMI consists of 6 organizational entities, which includes a policy department (VROMI) and  5 executive departments that ensure the realization of the Ministry’s obligations which include: New Projects, Infrastructure Management, Domain Affairs, Permits, and Inspection.

The policy department of VROMI is responsible for preparation of policy and legislation and the supervision of the execution thereof. 

The executive Departments hold the following responsibilities:

​​​​​​​1. New Projects: 
Ensure the realization of high quality development through project management of diverse building, utility     and civil engineering projects for St. Maarten.
Example: contracting of field professionals for building of new schools, public housing or government             and/or public facilities.

2. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​Infrastructure Management
Is responsible for proactively managing and maintaining the public areas and infrastructure in order to provision sustainable spatial surroundings in the interest of the public of St. Maarten.
Example: maintenance of roads, management of the collection and processing of solid and liquid waste, and repairs and/or maintenance of public spaces, as well as forming part of the core team (ESF) in the case of disaster management and clean up. 

3. Domain Affairs
Deals with all aspects of policy and administration in regards to government lease land and real property in the broadest sense of the word.
Example: processing of requests for land in long lease and maintaining a database of all government land. 

4. Permits:
Deals with the processing and issuance of building related permits and business environment related permits within the work-sphere of the Ministry of VROMI.                                                                             
Example: building, hindrance civil works or demolishing permit among others. 

5. Inspection
Is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of laws in all areas concerning spatial planning and development, such as control of domain lands, building (public) properties, environment and work safety to maintain an environmentally safe, structured and safe living and work environment for the public.           Example: inspection of adherence to building codes and regulations, environment codes and regulations, as well as safety of electrical installations in buildings. 

The realization of an optimal living, working and recreational climate for Country St. Maarten through rendering service as efficient as possible to the benefit of the government, citizens and the community.

The mission of the ministry consists of care for the integrated infrastructure and management for the public area through preparation of policy, the enforcement and supervision thereof, in order to create an optimal living, working and recreational climate for the citizens of St. Maarten.

Organizational objectives:

  • ​To care for and coordinate the affairs of Country St. Maarten in the area of spatial development, public housing, environmental and nature management and the management of public areas and facilities, as well as the execution of the government responsibilities in these areas.
  • To promote a balanced and spatial development.
  • To promote the realization and management of the physical infrastructure and the related facilities.
  • The management of the real property of the country and to support the government entities of the country therein.

Main tasks:

  • ​Policy advising in the areas of Public Housing, Spatial Planning, Environment and the care for the Infrastructure in the broadest sense;
  • The care for civil technical works, public cemetaries, public areas, street- and traffic furnishings, street lighting and urban ​renewal;
  • To care for spatial planning, environment and nature, domain and safety, management and management of land, buildings and properties of St. Maarten;
  • To care for concerns in the area of underground infrastructure, drainage provisions, building-, utility- and civil technical and related projects.
  • To care for effective policy in the area of solid and liquid waste, rent and land policy.
  • To care for representation of St. Maarten in the area of  VROMI, locally and internationally, the translation of international treaties into related policy and advising and supporting of the government organizations including within the Kingdom context herein;
  • To care for the issuance of rent subsidy and the prevention of land speculations.​