The Department of Domain Affairs deals with all aspects of policy and administration in regards to government lease land and real property in the broadest sense of the word.

Services and responsibilities of the Department of Domain Affairs consist of Management of government domains (land) including:

  •     New long lease issuance;
  •     Renewal of long lease;
  •     Transfers of long lease title;
  •     Authorize change in long lease;
  •     Establish Lease agreements (Dutch: ‘Huurovereenkomst’);
  •     Right of superficies (Dutch: ‘Opstalrecht’);
  •     Execution of sale and purchase of land


The vision of Domain Affairs is to fulfill the dream of owning your own home or business through offering lease-property, legal protection for the customer and informing the public. The department therefore operates in a customer friendly manner with an up to date registration system and capable personnel.

The mission of Domain Affairs is to offer services to internal and external clients by offering direct, transparent and accurate information and handling of  all aspects of the land policy. This is done by educated and experienced personnel in a professional and client friendly office environment with the help of adequate information sources including recourses, processes, procedures and systems.


  • To ensure an optimal management of domain land and real property of Sint Maarten.
  • The purchase and sale of land and buildings in a business economically justifiable manner.

​Main tasks:

  • ​To care for an optimum assignment and management of domain land, water and real property of Sint Maarten;
  • To care for  the management and use of public land and waters of Sint Maarten;
  • To conduct and manage the real property of Sint Maarten and therein supporting the government entities;