The Inspection Department is responsible for the inspection and enforcement of laws in all areas concerning spatial planning and development, such as control of domain lands, building, (public) properties, environment and work safety to maintain an environmentally safe, structured and save living and work environment for the public. 

Services and responsibilities of the Department of Inspections consist of Inspection and enforcement VROMI including:

  •     Inspecting compliance VROMI regulations;
  •     Inspecting compliance permit conditions;
  •     Inspecting and controlling Safety and electrical;
  •     Managing VROMI related complaints;
  •     Resolving requests for enforcement by citizens/companies;
  •     Inspection of use domain land.
These services are carried out in compliance with the Building, Waste, Domain,  Hindrance, and Monument Ordinances as well as the electrical safety norms. 

The mission of the Inspection Department is to care for the control of domain, building, environment and work safety to safeguard an environmentally safe, structured and safe living and working surroundings for the public. This will be ensured by acting ethical in al cases and by convincing the public of the collective interest of legislation and regulations.

Organizational objectives:
The main objective of the Inspection Department is to effectively execute inspection policy that is focused on the compliance of construction regulations, environmental regulations, lease-land conditions and work area safety requirements.

Main tasks:

  • ​To supervise the execution of policy and the activities of private citizens in the work areas VROMI (spatial development, environment and nature, domain and work area safety).
  • The enforcement of legislation in the work areas of VROMI with respect to developers and private entities​