The Department of Permits deals with the processing and issuance of building related permits and business environment related permits within the work-sphere of the ministry of VROMI.

Services and responsibilities of the Department of Permits consists of processing permit applications including insuance of:

  • Building permit;
  • Infrastructure permit (civil works);
  • Hindrance permit (environment);
  • Dredging permit;
  • Excavation permit;
​-Building ordinance 

-Building code (pursuant of article 19)​

and the Issuance of:

  • New addresses


The vision of the Permit Department is focused on:


  • ​Being aware of the important role the granting of permits carries when it comes to social and economical development of Sint Maarten.
  • To provide service to the public in order to ensure that Sint Maarten is a more structured, and safe place for living-, and working.


The mission of the Permit Department is to ensure effective and efficient processing of building-, hinderance, monument- and demolition permits in order to ensure a structured and livable living- and working environment for the public. This will be ensured by sound handling and by convincing the public of the collective interest of legislation and policy enforcement.

Organizational objectives:


  • To form policy and legal framework, so that the land on Sint Maarten is used in a qualitatively sustainable and balanced manner.
  • To review advices for new development and existing situations to the policy and legislative frameworks so that it complies with the qualitative norm.
  • The formation of legislation and legislative frameworks for the maintenance of buildings and objects of monumental value.
  • The formation of legislation and legislative frameworks for the promotion of a sustainable quality of the living environment and nature;


Main tasks:


  • ​To offer support in executing legislation in the work area of VROMI.
  • To care for an efficient processing of permit requests and the prompt issuance of the aforementioned.
  • To care for the correct application of policy and legislation through advising.
  • To receive and assist client groups.
  • To administrate and track premit requests.
  • To maintain  an (automated) administration and implementation instructions and procedures.