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​​Why Development Plans?
Based on the National Ordinance on spatial development planning (Landsverordening ruimtelijke ontwikkelingsplanning (AB 2013, GT no. 144)), the government of sint Maarten has undertaken to prepare development plans with zoning regulations (zoning plans) to manage the spatial development of Sint Maarten. 
Over the last decades, the island has undergone a tremendous economic boom, with a resulting spatial development that the government has been very challenged to manage. As a result, there have been many positive developments in terms of buildings and land use, but also many developments that have had adverse spatial effects that are difficult to reverse. This can be seen for example in many inadequately planned developments in the hillsides, in the occurrence of incompatible developments competing for space such as commercial and industrial functions in close proximity to residential neighborhoods, and in inadequate road infrastructure. Find some examples of the vast development of Sint Maarten below.
culdesac circa 1970_Small.jpg
Cul de Sac area circa 1970​
culdesac circa 2012_Small.jpg
Cul de Sac area circa 2012
Purpose of the Development Plans
In order to get a better grip on the spatial development, the government, through the Ministry of VROMI has embarked on the preparation of zoning plans for the entire area of the country Sint Maarten, both public and private land. the Ministry of VROMI is preparing 13 separate zoning plans for the areas as illustrated in the attached map The Development Plans have the following purposes:  
  • Legal framework for possible future development
  • To designate and/or reserve land for desired use
  • To prevent undesired development 
  • To offer legal security to residents about future development
Content of a Development Plan
  • A map: Common land use designations that can be found in development plans will include residential use, business use, industrial use, recreational use, public facilities, as well as designation of land for environment and nature conservation.
  • Regulations: what kind of use is allowed and building regulations such as: heights, density and setbacks 
  • An elucidation: what, why and how? 

Scope of the Development Plans
A Development Plan is a framework plan, it reserves space in terms of zoning with a scope of 10 years.
It is not an action plan and therefore it does not include detailed designs of roads, maintenance policies, etc.  

The process to follow per Development Plan

The manner in which the development plans are being prepared, is a consultative process with the community of Sint Maarten and the many stakeholders that have an interest in the manner in which spatial planning takes place. The first two rounds of public meetings for the preparation of the development plans were finalized in 2013. The presentations of the 1st and 2nd  public meetings can be downloaded on this website, by clicking on the relevant plan area on the map. In 2014 the process continued with public hearings of the preliminary draft development plans Simpson Bay, Cul de Sac and Cay Hill- Little Bay, followed by a 30 day period of public review of the draft development plans. In 2016 the zoning process will continue with the public hearings and public reviews of the other plan areas. Everyone is invited to submit their concerns/objections with respect to the draft development plans in writing to the Minister of VROMI during the period of public review. A committee of experts will advise on the appeals. Eventually, all draft development plans, including the advice from the committee of experts, will be tabled to Parliament for final decision making. The public hearings and public reviews will be announced accordingly and the relevant documents will be made available for download on this website.

Development plans process.png