Counseling, referrals, case management and assessments and the executing of empowerment programs which are carried out via the various Community Help Desks, Helpdesk for the Elderly and Disabled and women’s Desk. The programs on the other hand are mainly executed in collaboration with NGO’s, GO’s and Community Councils in order to ensure a wider community inclusion and to encourage community based participation for the identified programs.

Our services are being provided at:

Gaston Boasman Helpdesk for the Elderly & Disabled
Hope Estate Road #4, 
Hope Estate, Upper Princess Quarter
Tel: (1721) 542-2802 / (1721) 542-2803 / (1721) 542-2804     

Dutch Quarter Community Helpdesk
A.T. Illidge Road #278A, 
Lower Princess Quarter (Former Dr. Bryson Clinic)
Tel: (1721) 547-4911 / (1721) 547-4357

St. Peters Community Helpdesk
St. Peters Road #31, (Rupert I. Maynard Community Youth Center)
Tel: (1721) 548-4633 / (1721) 548-4634

Cole Bay Community Helpdesk
Union Road, Cole Bay (Cole Bay Methodist Church)
Tel: (1721) 544-4340 / (1721) 544-4302

Women’s Desk
Hope Estate Road #4, 
Hope Estate Upper Princess Quarter 
(1721) 542-7940 / (1721) 520-1145 / (1721) 520-1146

Women’s Desk
Meeting the immediate needs of and tackling the various societal challenges confronted by many women and families in the society in the hope for them also to lead a more fulfilling and healthier life.
Empowerment is addressed by means of various programs and gatherings and equally on a one and one basis with women.