An employment permit is a legal document granting an employer permission to hire a non-national to work in a specific function for a specific length of time. Any employer who wants to employ a non-national must request an employment permit from the Department of Labor Affairs. Under normal circumstances the employment permit process should take a maximum of 6 weeks. Applications for employment permits may either be first time requests or renewals/extensions of already existing employment permits.

First Time Requests

The following are requirements for a first time request for a non-national:

  • A copy of the entire passport
  • A recent passport picture
  • Information on the education background of the non-national with copies of diplomas, certificates and reference letters
  • An off island declaration signed by the employer


Renewal/Extension Requests

Employers who wish to extend an employment permit or change an employee need the following:

  • Registration form from the Census Office
  • Copy of the present residence and employment permit
  • A copy of a valid passport, a recent passport picture
  • A valid medical insurance
  • Information on the educational background of the non-national with copies of diplomas, certificates and reference letters
  • The crib number for the non-national


Requirements to obtain an Employment Permit:

  • Proof of the labor registration of the current year
  • Proof of notification of vacancy
  • Proof that the add was placed in the local newspapers
  • Completed application form dated and signed
  • A copy of the labor agreement which must indicate the salary, duration, working hours and position
  • Summary form of monthly taxes stating (wage tax/AOV/) receipts
  • Tax declaration letter (for sole Proprietor ship)


The following are costs associated with applying for an employment permit:

  • Employees is in a management position the fee is be NAF. 3,000.00 for the employment permit per year
  • In non-management position the fee will be NAF. 1,600.00 per year
  • For domestic workers and gardeners the fee is NAF. 800.00 for a one year period


Note that employers do not need to obtain employment permits for the following persons:

  • Those who are married to a Dutch citizen
  • Those who are in possession of an indefinite residence permit for the former Netherlands Antilles
  • Those who are a Dutch citizen but was not born in the Netherlands Antilles
  • Residents 18 years old with five previous consecutive resident permit guaranteed by a parent or guardian