The service of a Job Coach was implemented in an effort to enhance the products and services of the Job Placement Section of the Department of Labor Affairs, which is responsible for the successful matching and placement of persons within eligible employment positions.

Job Coaching Defined: What, Why, When, Where and How

What is a Job Coach?

A Job Coach is the person charged with the responsibility of making sure that a client is performing optimally on the job via regular correspondence with the client and supervisor and intervention where necessary. A Job Coach is also prepares more challenging and vulnerable client groups for the work force by hosting workshop sessions and using various other intervention techniques.

Why is a Job Coach necessary?

The Job Coach provides the services that are necessary to promote sustainable employment for clients and also for preparation for the labor market.

When does a Job Coach come into play?

Clients are referred to the Job Coach once they have been placed in employment by a Job Placement Officer to be monitored during their trial period. This is put in place in order to increase the probability that the client will successfully compete the trial period. Clients are also referred to the Job Coach in order to gain employable skills which better equipment them to assimilate back into the work force.

Where does the Job Coach offer services?

The Job Coach predominantly offers services at the Department of Labor Affairs.

How does the role of the Job Coach work?

The Job Coach mainly focuses on consultations which address and focus on attendance and punctuality, participation, willingness, motivation, self-control, confidence, professionalism and work ethics. Consultations are mostly by appointment; however, walk-ins are also accepted when possible. The Job Coach also provides the following services:

  • Job visits
  • Performance evaluations
  • Phone check-ins
  • Workshop sessions 

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