The Department of Social Services is a government executing agency that falls under the Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labor for Country Sint Maarten. This Department is charged with providing quality social aid services to the general public, both in material as in immaterial aid. The Department prides itself on treating each member of the community as if he or she was a member of the family by providing the best service in the areas of health insurance, social security and social work, guidance and care. Social Services officers pride themselves on expanding beyond the job description to provide services such as budget counselling, life coaching sessions and the “Feed our Families” initiative to name a few.
At the Department of Social Services, persons in need of assistance may seek material and/or immaterial aid. It is important to note that each person is serviced on a direct and individual basis. Also, although the services are open for all to apply; only those who qualify based on the National Ordinance in place will be assisted.
Services Provided
  • Material aid comes in the form of the following:
    ◦Medical Assistance
    ◦Financial Assistance
    ◦Legal Assistance
  • Immaterial aid comes in the form of the following: 
  • ◦Social Worker Intervention
  • ◦Advising
  • ◦Crisis Care

If you are in need of material aid such as legal, medical or financial, come to the Department of Social Services to make an appointment. After you have assembled all of the necessary documents a Social Welfare Officer will work with you in determining, according to the National Ordinance in place, whether or not you qualify for assistance.
If you are in need of immaterial aid such as social work or crisis care, contact the Department of Social Services to meet with a Social Worker or member of the crisis care team.