Households & Business Establishments Take Preventive Measures Against Rodents

Rodents are a fact of life.  Make our homes and businesses rodent proof. Rodents can spread infectious diseases.
- Keep your entire premises clean.
- Seal garbage in tightly covered metal or heavy rubberized containers.
- Don't use containers bags or boxes.
- Drain and wrap food waste.
- Bag all garbage before placing it in your garbage bins or sealed container.
- Store food items in rat-proof areas and/or into containers.
- Don't store food in the garage or outside.
- Clean up any spilled food immediately.
- Don't leave out uneaten pet food.
- Clean dog droppings up daily.
- Don't put bird seed on the ground.
- If you use a bird feeder, the area under and around it must be kept free of seeds and hulls.

Keep all areas clean; keep the rodent outside, rodent proof your home.
For more information on eliminating rodents, call 542-2078/23003
Collective Prevention Services (CPS)
Ministry of Public Health, Social Development & Labour