Travelers Recommendations
* Lunar New Year January 11, 2016. The Year of the Monkey begins on February 8, 2016, and many travelers will visit Asia to celebrate the Lunar New Year. If you are traveling to Asia, plan ahead for a safe and healthy trip. For additional information read What is MERS? 

* Mosquito borne diseases such as Zika Virus, Chikungunya & Dengue are circulating You can contract Zika by means of an infected Aedes Agypti Mosquito so are recommended to use mosquito repellent to prevent the mosquito from feeding. You are also call to collectively minimize the mosquito population by eliminating and/or destroying mosquito breeding sources in and around your surroundings. For additional information read Prevent mosquito from feeding.

* Ebola Although at present globally there is no indication for risk of Ebola to travelers, travelers should, as usual, avoid contact with sick people, dead bodies, or blood and body fluids and take preventive measures such as proper hand washing and food safety. * Avian Flu (H7N9) in China November 19, 2015According to the World Health Organization, 667 cases and 229 deaths from H7N9 flu have been reported globally from March 2013 through October 14, 2015, most from the mainland of China. Smaller numbers of cases have been identified in travelers from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Canada. CDC advises people traveling to China to avoid contact with poultry (including poultry markets and farms), birds, and their droppings. There are no recommendations against travel to China. For additional information read Avian Flu (H7N9) 

* H5N1 Bird Flu in Egypt November 19, 2015CDC recommends that travelers to Egypt protect themselves from H5N1 by avoiding contact with wild birds, live or uncooked poultry, and body fluids from birds and poultry. For additional information read What is H5N1? 

* Cholera October 30, 2015CDC recommends that travelers to practice good hand washing and follow food and water precautions. For additional information read Cholera

Baby Wellness Clinic Now Located at Brouwer’s Road
The Baby Wellness Clinic has moved from the offices Youth Health Care (YHC) at the Vineyard Office Park Complex to Brouwer’s Road 6A which is the building behind FATUM Insurances.
Opening Hours: five days a week Monday thru Friday from 8.00am to 4.30pm
Lunch-break from 12.30pm to 1.30pm
For additional information call: 543-2070, 543-2071 or
Fax 543-2072
YHC – Baby Wellness Clinic
Ministry of Public Health, Social Development and Labour