The Inspectorate VSA is a young governmental enforcement body with its supervision tasks laid down in 35+ ordinances. Until 10-10-2010 these tasks were executed by the Inspectorate for Public Health and the Labor Inspectorate of the former Netherlands Antilles and by the former Hygiene department, Sector Health Care Affairs Sint Maarten.

On Sint Maarten six Inspectorate divisions have been brought together under one umbrella, which provides the Inspectorate an extra dimension and makes it a challenge. These are the Inspectorate for Public Health, the Inspectorate for Pharmaceutics, the Labor Inspection, the Inspectorate for Food Safety, the Inspectorate for Environmental Hygiene and the Inspectorate for Daycare centers.

The legal basis for its existence, its functioning and the organizational structure are established in the National ordinance “Inrichting en Organisatie van de Landsoverheid” (AB2010 GT no.6), the Organization decree VSA (AB 2010 GT no.5), the National ordinance “Inspectie Volksgezondheid” (AB 2013 GT no. 615 and), the National decree “LHAM Organisatie en taakstelling onderdelen Inspectie voor de Volksgezondheid” (AB 2013 GT no. 535) and the function book VSA/Inspectorate of January 1st 2010.
1. Strategic framework

The mission of the Inspectorate VSA is to establish a professional and independent agency, which is able to execute all its supervisory tasks as efficient and effective as possible based on applicable modern legislation which follows international norms and standards to contribute to improvement in the health, food, labor and social sector for and the protection of the Sint Maarten community.
The Inspectorate aims to synchronize supervision with the needs of the government, the community, professional faculties and health care institutions.

The Inspectorate aims to intensify the cooperation with stakeholders and within this relationship wants to be known as client oriented, innovative and efficient.

In order to hire and secure good professional staff, emphasis will be placed on the education of staff. Much attention will also be given to a proper work environment and labor conditions.
It’s very important to staff of the Inspectorate to work closely together to achieve an optimum quality of supervision and customer service. This is being done with mutual respect and whereby constructive criticism is well tolerated. The staff is stimulated to be creative and goal driven.
The Inspectorate contributes to further professional development in the health-, social – and labor sector.
The Inspectorate is accountable for its actions to the government, to the community, to patient organizations, professional faculties and all other stakeholders.
Key values
The key values of the Inspectorate are directed towards good governance and qualitatively good and reliable customer service to the people of Sint Maarten to guarantee the trust in the government.
Good civil servant ship with regards to integrity means that the civil servant:
  • Acts in a careful and responsible manner with authority, resources and information in the general interests he serves;
  • Is  able to resist tempting situations, moreover to prevent ending up in tempting situations;
  • Interprets and acts in accordance with rules and regulations;
  • Makes careful decisions taking into account legitimate rights, interests and expectations, even in situations where it’s not clear what the correct decision should be;
  • Is willing to verify his considerations (prior to or afterwards) and to take responsibility for his actions.
  • Comply with order and regularity
  • Comply with strict rules
  • Follow up on agreements
  • To provide clear insight into strategies, policy decisions and government and management procedures
  • To be able to account for achieved results
  • Execute the tasks in a competent and qualitatively proper manner (technical expertise)
  • Careful (risk)assessment of individual cases
  • Skilled intervention or treatment
  • Take correct actions procedural wise (objective thinking)
  • behavior that facilitates effective team member interaction