Our Mission is:

  • to promote a healthy and social supportive community.
  • to prevent unhealthy living conditions, protect socially vulnerable groups, promote employment opportunities and the general wellbeing of St. Maarten’s society.
  • to promote the general wellbeing and quality of life of our population by means of services such as of health protection, health promotion, labor mediation, labor & dismissal licenses, emergency medical services, social security, community development and social work & counseling and supervision.
  • to secure accessibility to health insurance and social security systems.


To be a knowledge institute which will result in being the recognized governmental authority for public health, social development, social security and labor related policy and service domains.

Strategic Competencies





Policy Objectives (2012-2014)

The Ministry's multi-annual policy objectives are chosen and adapted on the basis of the new governing program (2012-2014).

  • To strengthen government’s social agenda and therefor signal and intervene in health risks, potential labor conflicts and social risks of vulnerable groups in society in a timely manner.
  • To renew and /or modify policies, programs, activities and legislation to enhance social cohesion and quality of life in the areas of:
    a. safety,
    b. public health,
    c. social affairs,
    d. community development,
    e. labor,
    f. employment.
  • To reduce bureaucracy by working transparently, effectively and efficiently in the interest of customer service.
  • To strengthen supervision and  adherence to legislation & guidelines in public health, social security and labor to contribute to a foundation built on strength and decisiveness.
  • To strengthen national, regional and international cooperation & partnerships.​