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Department of Social Development


The mission of Social Development is to prevent social disadvantages and to promote the general wellbeing of the society.

The tasks of  Social Development are:

  • ​To develop and evaluate policies, laws and regulations with regards to social security and social development;
  • To ensure and promote the establishment of socially vibrant neighborhoods
  • To represent the interests of family and humanitarian affairs within the kingdom as well as regionally and internationally;
  • To monitor the social development within the society by means of registering  social living conditions, social security, as well as humanitarian and family affairs; 
  • To ensure the promotion, integration and improvement of the social position of vulnerable groups by developing and coordinating integrated and coherent policies aimed at the inclusion of men, women, youth, disabled, elderly and migrants ;
  • To conduct policy for vulnerable groups such as addicts, homeless, ex-prisoners, unemployed;
  • To support the coordination and implementation of community care in time of disasters;