The project was initially established within the action program: Social Economic Initiative Program (SEI) to  ensure that the proper financial and economic foundations are laid for a sustainable future as Country St. Maarten.  As a result, the SEI project “Employability through Training” (ETTP) was established. The ETTP derived from two (2) similar projects (outlined in the program as “From Welfare to Employment” and “Adult on the Job Training”) both geared towards increasing employment opportunities for vulnerable groups. The ETTP caters to max. 250 unemployed unskilled Dutch nationals between the ages of 18-55 on Sint Maarten by offering specified theoretical & practical training along with job placement in efforts to help bridge the distance between them and suitable employment. This can allow the candidates to familiarize themselves with the supply and demand as well as develop their social development & professional work related skills, which will motivate them to actively participate in the local labor market.  
Objectives: The primary objectives of both projects (4.4.1. And 4.4.3.) are:
• Increase youth participation in the labor market;
• Increase in labor production;
• A better "match" between supply and demand;
Secondary objectives are:
• To prepare and assist target group to enter the labor market as professionals;
• To provide job coaching, training and mediation to target group in preparation of acquiring gainful employment;
• To establish a close working relationship between the public and private sector;
• To establish contacts with the Chamber of Commerce and Trade Unions for close collaboration and participation in various activities
• To reduce the financial assistance list.
Target group:
Registered unemployed Dutch nationals between the age category 18-55 as follows:
Group A (ages 18-24)
Group B (ages 25-35)
Group C (ages 36-45)
Group D (aged 46-55)
These categories were chosen because within these groups (especially amongst the youth), were the categories with the highest amounts of registered unemployed. These categories will also include vulnerable target groups such as the (employable) disabled and (employable) welfare recipients. These categories were integrated into this project because these groups compared to the total unemployed population has proven to be relatively small.
I Preparation phase
II Training phase
III Mediation phase
IV Completion and Evaluation phase 
1. Mediate at least 250 of the total registered job seekers;
2. 1/ 3 of the current unemployable welfare recipients are put on track
3. All participants have gained the necessary social skills;
4. The behavior and mentality of the target group with respect to the labor market has adjusted knowledge on the functioning of the labor market;
5. To employ vulnerable groups also get the chance to participate in the labor market
6. Participants have a better chance on the labor market;
7. They learn to integrate with business and gain skills and experience;
8. An intensive collaboration with the various business sectors;
9. Image of Department of Labour has positively changed: Employers make use of our services.
Areas of training
Professional development skills:
Job skills and ethics
Skills on how to sell yourself to a company
Customer Service skills
Communication skills
English language
Computer skills
Focus areas of training in the following Industries:
Marine Industry
Jewelry Industry
Security Industry
Construction Industry
Hospitality Industry
IT Industry
Technical Industry