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Employability Through Training

The “Employability through Training” program is about empowering the unemployed to take control of their situation, become employable and seek gainful employment; in short, the program is about getting people back to work.
The Government recognizing the current labor market trends, strategized about the relevant issues, devised a plan, took decisive measures and started this program, which is committed to providing opportunities to the people of St. Maarten by improving their lives through training, providing the necessary skills for increase job performance, job exploration and placement.
Since beginning the program four months ago, 17 of our participants have started their theoretical and practical training in various industries, namely, Jewelry, Hospitality, Banking, Retail, Marine and Construction.
The project aims to train 250 participants, and will end in May, 2013.
By offering these individuals the chance of gainful employment, we contribute to a larger effort of government, increasing employment opportunities in the labor market, investing in our labor supply, supporting themselves and their families, thus contributing to a sustainable economy once again.
The success of “Employability through Training” program depends on several factors, however.
First, we need the private sector to be part of this constructive and community-oriented effort by opening their doors to provide work experience opportunities and possible rewarding and productive future employment. Partnering businesses have the opportunity to acquire skilled workers, as well as, to positively impact the labor market, curb criminality and uphold their civil corporate responsibility.
Secondly, we need the participants to register and participate fully in the program. We urge you to take advantage of the opportunities provided, come in to Labor Affairs Services where someone helpful will be waiting for you. Be positive and something good is going to come of it, I guarantee it.
As a participating candidate you will surely have a positive experience, gain relevant knowledge and skills that will last you a lifetime of sustained employment. The employer will see you as an invaluable part of the company, a contributor to the development of their daily operations, and more likely to advance in the company than others who have not improved their skills over the years. In addition, there is the increase in pay as a skilled worker.

To the general public, if you know someone who can benefit from the “Employability through Training” program, I urge you to reach out to them, lend a supportive ear, show compassion, be sympathetic and urge them to go to the Labor Affairs Services.
In the end, only by working together in a mutually beneficial Public-Private partnership can the SEI project "Employability through Training" be successful. Therefore I urge both the private sector and participants to take part in this exciting effort to create a healthy economy, a productive workforce, and an ever improving Sint Maarten.