1. Who must apply

    The employer must do all the applications for his/her employee

  2. I am not registered, can I apply for a Certificate of Conduct (VOG)?

    Yes. To apply for a Certificate of Conduct, a person does not formally have to be registered at the Civil Registry of Sint Maarten.

  3. Is this Project a Brooks Tower Akkord?

    NO! This project is specifically for employees ONLY.

  4. Should the Diplomas & certificates be notarized for submission?

    No, notarization of the Diplomas & certificates is not a requirement.

  5. Who can apply for Employment permits?

    Only registered businesses with valid economic licenses can apply for the employment permits of non-nationals in their employ. The applicant can prove their living status in Sint Maarten for 5+ years by means of their entry stamp on airport arrival, pay slips, proof of medical insurance, tax returns, and working relationship with the employer.

  6. Who is responsible for paying the fees?

    It continues to be the practice of some employers ( businesses) to levy the processing fee for the employment permit on the foreign employee. In many instances, the employer deducts it from the salary of the employee- either in monthly installments or as a one-time lump deduction. This is an UNLAWFUL ACT! Article 4 sub 1 of the LBHAM on the National Ordinance on Foreign Labor states that the EMPLOYER ( business) is solely responsible to pay the employment permit processing fee to the Government of Sint Maarten

  7. Who must apply for the exemption letter?

    Employers and not the employee must apply for the exemption.