• Don't let a hurricane catch you off guard. Being prepared is key to staying safe. To make your preparations easier please make use of this inserted checklists as you shop and store your supplies. 

    Keep the items you would most likely need during an evacuation in a large easy-to carry plastic covered container, a camping backpack, or a duffle bag.  

    Zero-Prep Food:

    o 1 Gallon of drinking water per day per person (3 days supplies)

    o Dry cereal

    o Powdered milk

    o Canned fruits

    o Canned vegetables

    o Canned/boxed juice

    o Ready to eat canned soups and meats

    o Canned pasta

    o Canned beans

    o Peanut Butter

    o Bread

    o Bananas

    o Apples

    o Oranges

    o Crackers

    o Nuts & raisins

    o Granola and energy bars

    Minimal-Prep Food:

    o Rice

    o Pasta

    o Pasta Sauce

    o Seasoning

    o Oats 

    Pet Supplies

    o Dry / canned pet food

    o Leash and collar

    o Water and food bowls

    o Carrier

    Baby Supplies

    o Diapers

    o Wipes

    o Formula or baby food

    o Bottles

    o Rash ointment 

    o Mosquito netting


    o Toilet paper

    o Moist towelettes / wipes

    o Sanitary napkins

    o Toiletries 

    o Garbage bags

    o Aluminum foil

    o Paper towels / napkins

    o Paper plates and cups

    o Plastic utensils

    o Food storage bags or containers

    o Dish liquid soap

    o 5-gallon empty bucket with cover

    o First aid kit

    o Flashlight

    o Tool kit

    o Mosquito Repellent

    o Rain gear

    o Plastic sheeting

    o Rope

    o Duct tape

    o Grill

    o Charcoal

    o Lighter

    o Lighter fluid

    o Cash

    o Manual can opener

    o Fully-charged cell phone

    o Portable phone charger

    o Strike-anywhere matches

    While you're running through your storm preparedness checklist, make sure you include your home's electrical devices in case of a damaging power surge.

    - A surge protection plan 

    - mobile electronic devices 

    - home electronics  

    - major appliances 

  • List of family members, friends or neighbors and their contact information
  • Phone list of family physicians
  • Important documents in a waterproof container or bag:

– Insurance policies (auto, home, life, etc.)
– Medical records
– Medical device information (style and serial number)
– Bank account numbers
– Social Security card
– Current utility bill to prove residency should your area be secured due to damage

  • Take important valuables
  • Turn off all utilities (water, electricity, gas) at the main switch
  • Lock windows and doors
  • Advise family and friends where you are going

This is a basic list of emergency items. Don’t forget to bring any specific medical supplies for you, your family or pets.