Hurricane Shelter Online Registration Form​ (Also available in PDF Shelter Registration Form​) :

This hurricane shelter registration form is for persons requiring a shelter prior to any hurricane. The sole purpose of this new registration form, is to have an estimate of persons requiring accommodation at the hurricane shelters in the event of a hurricane. As social-distancing may still be mandatory during the hurricane season, it is even more crucial that everyone in need of shelter, can be sheltered safely.

Applicants will have to provide their general information and also that of their household. 

2022 Hurricane Shelters (subject to change) : 

1. Milton Peters College - New Gym hall - L.B. Scot road, South Reward​
2. Dutch Quarter Community Center - Zorg en Rus road, Dutch Quarter
3. Rupert Maynard Community Center - St. Peters road, St. Peters
4. NIPA (National Institute for Professional Advancement) -  Cay Hill
5. Belvedere Community Center - Low estate rd, Belvedere
6. Alan C. Halley Jr. Youth Center - Sr. Modesta rd. 25 Simpsonbay​
7. Melford Hazel Sports Center - Soualiga road, Sucker Garden
8. John Larmonie Center - Longwall road, Philipsburg 
9. Christian Fellowship Church - Welfare road, Cole Bay
10. L.B. Scott Sport Auditorium - Long wall road, Philipsburg
11. Little League ​Ball Park - Soualiga road, Philipsburg​

Hurricane Shelter Rules

In the event of a hurricane strike, persons who will seek safety in a shelter must follow and abide by the following information provided.

1. Wear a (face) mask at all times
2. Practice social distancing (keep at a safe distance)
3. Cover your mouth, nose with a tissue or your elbow when coughing or sneezing
4. Clean and disinfect frequently used surfaces and objects
5. Avoid close contact with persons who might be sick
6. Wash your hands with soap and water for atleast 20 seconds. If soap and water are not readily available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol to clean hands.
7. Weapons, alcohol and drugs are not allowed
8. No obscene language
9. No stealing or destruction of property
10. No cooking in the shelter
11. No smoking
12. No sexual activity
13. No pets or animals allowed in the shelter
14. Keep your area clean at all times
15. Guests must be dressed appropriately at all times
16. Keep your valuables with you at all times
17. Cell phone usage must not violate quiet area and lights out rules
18. Follow any instruction given buy the shelter management team
Shelters will be manned by law enforcement/military officials in order to guarantee order and the smooth operation within the facility.

The opening of the Shelters would be announced on,, 107.9FM and other Print Media. Prior to leaving your home, make sure everything is secure and you’ve packed all the essentials that you will need.

  • PACK ONLY ESSENTIALS - Persons utilizing a shelter are not allowed to carry certain items with them, only the essentials. Pack face masks, hand sanitizers, enough water and food for up to three days. It is also advisable to take a first aid kit to the shelter with you along with prescription medications. Special items for elderly or disabled family members.
  • BABY & CHILDREN REQUIREMENTS - If you have a baby, remember to pack enough diapers, formula and bottles to last at least three days. Take playing cards, games and toys to keep children, and yourself, occupied. Take a set of clean clothes and bedding (pillow, sheets).
  • FOOD ETC. - Carry a can opener; a few cans of non-perishable food; special items for elderly or disabled family members; battery powered radio, flashlight and extra batteries; cash/credit cards; passport and other important papers (insurance papers). There is no need to bring cooking equipment or furniture to a shelter.
  • ALCOHOL/WEAPONS/SMOKING - Alcoholic beverages and weapons are not allowed in shelters. Smoking is also not allowed.
  • PETS - Shelters do not accept pets. You should make arrangements beforehand to have your untied pets secured in a room at your home, with sufficient water, and food for at least three days. Do not leave dogs and cats in the same room.
It is strongly recommended to bring portable electronic devices — such as phones, tablets and battery packs — fully charged as there are limited outlets at evacuation centers.