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Is your identification card expired? If yes, then you need to have it renewed at the Civil Registry Department. The below documents and fees apply for the renewal process.

An identification  card  is  valid  for 5 years for Dutch nationals.   The validity for Non-Dutch Nationals is based on the validity of the residence permit.

Appearance Requirements

Applicant must be present

Document Requirements
-        Current identification card (if lost, a report will be made during application)
-        Resident permit if applicable
-        Applicant must be present with Parent(s) and/or legal Guardian(s) in possession of a valid identification card issued on Dutch Sint Maarten or a valid passport
Application Form(s)

-         If Parent(s) and/or legal Guardian(s)  cannot be present a letter of consent can be drafted, and signed along with a copy of valid identification
-         Picture will be taken solely during the application process
-         Payment must be made at application in cash or maestro only
-         In some instances additional information may be requested from applicant in order to proceed with application.

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