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Congratulations on your nuptials. However, before you take the leap of commitment, the marriage must be registered 14 days before the wedding day. It is your responsibility to visit the Civil Registry Department to register your marriage. The below documents are required to begin the registration process.

Appearance Requirements

• Requests for a marriage must be submitted at least 14 days before the date of marriage; • A marriage on Sint Maarten can be performed at the Marriage Hall or, a location away from the Marriage Hall; • You will need minimum two and maximum four witnesses

Document Requirements
• A full abridged birth certificate to prove the legality of the name (This
• document will not be accepted and a new birth certificate will be needed
• if older than 3 years); Unmarried person(s) must present a declaration of marital status not older than 3 months;
o If widow(er), a death certificate;
o If divorced, a divorce certificate/decree or a final judgment.
Application Form(s)

• Besides the above mentioned, the following information is also needed:
- Address, profession and nationality of the bride and groom;
- Passport copies of booth parties;
- Names of the parents and maiden names of the mothers;
- Passport copies of the witnesses;

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